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Mind/Body Professionals

are you a life coach, healer or mind/body professional?

Peak Performance Coaching Sessions or Somatic Coaching Sessions May Be for You!

Peak Performance Coaching

Do you wish you felt more confident or composed during workshop presentations or webinars?

Do you feel pulled to have a greater social media presence but are uneasy in front of the camera?

Do you feel performance pressure to "fix" your clients? 

Does negative thinking and self doubts distract your focus and make you less effective?

Do you ever get triggered by your clients' or your own emotions?

I offer one-on-one Peak Performance Coaching sessions in-person and over Zoom/Skype to help you find more confidence and ease in your work, so you can boldly embody your truth and present your best, competent self to your clients and to the world.

I worked with Sara for a few months in the summer/fall of 2016. Since then I continue to turn to her for coaching expertise. On so many levels I value what she has to offer and have personally benefited in immeasurable ways. Sara brings to bear a wealth of life experience, completely shows up always ready to give 150%, holds the space regardless of what presents, then masterfully weaves the session to a logical conclusion. I have had the privilege of watching her practice evolve in a way that is only possible when one is doing what they are truly called to do! She is an emerging leader in the field and an amazing human being.
— L.T, ME- Life Synthesis Coach, Reiki Master

somatic life coaching

Do you feel burnt out or exhausted from the grind of running your business?

Do you live with chronic pain/illness or feel consistently stressed out?

Do you find your clients draining or do you feel overly tired at the end of the day?

Do you struggle to say no, set boundaries or find time for rest or self care?

Do you lack motivation or struggle to complete goals or manifest your visions?

Do you feel pulled to learn more about somatics and how to deepen your own spiritual practice?

Are you curious to learn about how to regulate your nervous system?

Are you a life coach looking to have more tools in your toolbox working with the body, sensation and felt-sense experience?

Our body has a unique language and a way of communicating needs, desires, impulses and it is our job to learn and listen to its' cues and messages. Through building self awareness of our body in relationship to our environment, along with mastering and understanding our internal physical sensations/impulses, we can learn how to stop ignoring and overriding our emotions, desires and pain and live more authentically connected to our truth.

Rooted and embodied in our SELF we will expand our capacity to hold sacred space for our clients so they can expand, grow and tap into their own resilience. 

I offer one-on-one Somatic Coaching sessions in person and over Zoom/Skype to help you connect to your body and internal sensations and begin to tap into and listen to the wisdom within.

I feel nervous to speak in front of large groups. I explained to Sara how I would immediately start to go into my “thinking” mode, which in turn made me start to look at myself as if there was something wrong with me. In learning the method of following body sensation, it helped me in getting out of my head without over thinking the moment and instead, to turn my focus within the sensation. It was quite helpful to not only notice the sensation but to realize that as I did this I would feel the nervousness start to dissipate and settle. I found Sara and her guidance to assist to be very helpful and healing.
— R.P, MA- Psychosynthesis Life Coach