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MELT Method

Sara Vatore is a Psychosynthesis and Somatic Experiencing® trained Life Coach, Somatic Educator, Peak Performance Coach, Certified Nia White Belt Instructor, and MELT Hand and Foot Instructor 

melt method

What is the MELT Method?

MELT is a simple self-treatment technique that boosts your body’s ability to heal by calming your nervous system and rehydrating your connective tissue. Return the body to a more ideal state and release dehydrated connective tissue, otherwise known as "stuck stress," which causes pain, nervous system dysregulation and other health issues.

Chronic pain and stress is exhausting and frustrating, and it can keep you from doing the things you love – or even get a good night's sleep. No matter what brought on your  pain or stress and anxiety, you can learn how to help your body heal and rediscover pain-free living at any age.



Sara offers private sessions, customized to your unique healing and nervous system regulation needs. Small group sessions available on request.

Discover how to help your body feel better. Take the first step today.

one-on-one melt series

In 3 sessions learn how to become your own Hands Off Body Worker® and develop a plan specifically tailored to your body's needs. Begin to integrate MELT into your self-care practice with support from me and find pain relief! 

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one-on-one intro to melt

In a one-on-one setting learn about the MELT Method and how it can help you regulate your nervous system, speed up your healing process and get you out of pain.

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melt to navigate stress and overwhelm

Living as mammals in this day and age, our bodies and systems are often functioning at a high level of stress. We orient in our culture towards perfectionism, output and working hard.

We get stuck on “alert”, always scanning for danger.

When we live in this environment, our body goes into this heightened protective response to protect us. We feel frustration, anger, stress, worry, fear and we stay STUCK in these patterns because they are so familiar! 

It takes a lot of ENERGY for our body to stay that way. Our Sympathetic Nervous System works very hard to pump chemicals (adrenaline and cortisol) to get us to stay there.

We are not designed to stay in this heightened activated state.

how does melt help?

Our bodies then can struggle coming out of this state.

Do you ever feel completely and utterly exhausted, but as soon as you lay down, you are unable to fall asleep and are just up?

This is the REST mechanism of the nervous system struggling to work efficiently!

The MELT Method helps the restore the REST mechanism of the nervous system (the parasympathetic response). Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT refers to this as the REST REGULATOR.

When we MELT it helps this part of our nervous system and our connective tissue (fascia) come out of the heightened state of alert. We want to help that part of our system work EFFICIENTLY, so that we can get nervous, stressed, angry, etc and the COME OUT of the response, NOT stay STUCK there.

When we are stuck there our body and mind suffer and we have more FEAR and ANXIETY and feel exhausted!

Hand and Foot Treatment Kit 2.png

The MELT Method is the very first Hands-off Bodywork® method developed for the general public as a self-care tool to prevent and relieve chronic pain. It’s an essential addition to any wellness or fitness routine. 

To find out more info about the MELT Method or to shop MELT Method products, click the button below!



MELT was created by New York City manual therapist Sue Hitzmann, and it's now being taught worldwide to groups and individuals by hundreds of instructors trained by Hitzmann. Sara has trained directly with Sue and she is thrilled to be passing on this message of self-care.