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Somatic Coaching

Sara Vatore is Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Coach, Somatic Educator, Certified Nia White Belt Instructor and MELT Method instructor. Embodiment Specialist working with women to build capacity and resiliency in their nervous systems for optimum health and healing.  

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happens.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am so glad you have arrived. <3

My name is Sara and I am a Somatic Practitioner and Healer. I am committed to embodied cyclical living, creating MAGIC through working with the EARTH and UNIVERSE and cultivating deep connections with others. I am in AWE of the brilliance that is Mother Earth, the universe, and the unknown. I am passionate about helping women uncover the freedom of living connected to their BODY and AUTHENTIC SELF, so they can tap into unlimited POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITY of their healing, growth and expansion, walk boldly in their TRUTH, and shine their LIGHT brightly in the world.

Are you overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious?

Does it feel like you are trapped in a vicious cycle of BUSY with no time for you or your needs?

Are you aware of your triggers, but feel like they still take over your body?

Do you wish you had more energy and capacity to speak your truth?

Are you stuck on autopilot, reacting only to the "shoulds" and "have-tos" in life?

Do you wish things were different, but are unsure about where to start?

Do you struggle to meet your goals, have trouble sustaining positive changes or feel stuck?


It doesn't have to be this way...

Things can be DIFFERENT. Things can SHIFT.

sometimes we need a little support on our path

embodied self: the key to freedom

Living in overdrive and in the ‘go go going,’ can often leave us very disconnected from our body and our own wants and needs. We have learned from a very young age to override our feelings, gut instincts and other ways our body communicates to us. It can feel like we are stuck in our roles and responsibilities. We then operate from a place of 'shoulds' and 'have tos' and we are often identified in a story about needing to please others.

As we start to WAKE UP and have desires to live differently, more authentically and aligned in our truth, it can be challenging. We can feel stuck. A desire for things to be different, but feeling as though something is getting in the way.  

Because we have embodied these ways of surviving in the world (people pleasing, never saying no, trouble setting boundaries, suppressing feelings and desires), it will take some energy, effort and intention to get things to shift.

We need to begin to interrupt the old habituated patterns of living, thinking and being in the world. We need to create space for ourselves to process undigested emotions, experiences, feelings, and desires in an embodied, connected way.

(Re)connecting with our BODY is the KEY to uncovering our own endless SOURCE of wisdom and guidance and it is the GATEWAY to shifting how we live and breathe in the world.  

Learning how to orient to the SACRED SPACE, JOY, PLAY, PLEASURE, EASE, FREEDOM, MAGIC, GRATITUDE that is all around us is essential in supporting this process.

The first step to take is to uncover the answers to these question:

What does grounded and centered FEEL like in my body?

Where are my supports?

We want to have a place inside, something we can sense, somewhere to return to, after we get scared, angry, say no, step out of our comfort zone, get excited, feel stressed etc. If we don’t know what it FEELS like in our body, how are we going to get there?

The more we know and experience this embodied, grounded, connected sense of self, the easier it is to find it in times of chaos or fullness. We want it to be a familiar place.  

Making the space and time to ground back into an embodied sense of self, is critical for replenishing energy, spirit and building the capacity to continue to handle all that is unfolding.

The sacred spaces that we have and cultivate, whether it is physical space, like a dance studio or a spot in the woods, or a space created from an emotional connection with a partner or a friend, or time with a practitioner, support our journey and unfolding as an organism. Our organism finds safety and repair in the healthy, conscious and embodied connection with others and the world around us.

There is a voice in us all that is ever present, a voice that always sings its melody to the world. This is a voice of truth and certainty, the voice that lays bare the hidden mysteries of the soul.
— Rumi



Rooted in the foundation that our organism is an intelligent dynamic BEING, Somatic Coaching work with Sara guides you back into your self, to understand and deeply sense how your unique organism communicates and operates with you and with the universe around you.

Sometimes we need support on our path as we make changes or navigate transitions, step out in an expanded way, process the unexpected, manage stress, overwhelm, and negative thinking and self-doubts, illness, and/or chronic pain. 

We all have an intelligence, an inner knowing, a WISDOM, living inside of us, which is GUIDING us, gently NUDGING us towards living a full life rooted in purpose, meaning and dynamic EASE. It is not always ease to sense into that inner knowing at fist. We might get a whisper here and there, or have a fleeting feeling.

We also have a ORGANISM that is biologically wired to keep us safe and has automatic physical responses, often out of our awareness, when it is responding to a situation, memory, smell, sound, interaction, environment, etc. It is important to have an understanding of how our survival responses, embodiment patterns, and automatic cycles can come into play as we negotiate our path.

These habituated patterns of behavior, thought and embodiment override our inner wisdom and clarity of truth.

In Somatic Coaching we begin to understand how all the parts of us and the universe integrate together, so we can rewire old programs at the cellular level, connect to an embodied sense of self with ease, and step forward into the infinite potential and possibilities of our own healing, growth and expansion.

When we embody our essence at the baseline level, we can make choices from that authentic, grounded, connected place, and step forward into the highest version of our selves.

How do we find and connect to a centered place within the chaos?

How do we let go of other people’s STUFF?

What IS our purpose? What DO we value? What HAS meaning?

How do YOU want to be living?

Together, we will examine what is working in your life and what you would like to be different and SHIFT. Tuning into that wise, centered place of self, you will learn how to recognize, listen and follow its core guidance. We will clear out any blocks, resistance, fears, or anxieties that are getting in the way of you meeting your goals and/or trusting yourself. You will lean how to smoothly ride the waves of life transitions, your emotions, your sensations, and your feelings, instead of fighting against what is present. We will get your body and mind in conscious awareness of each other to help you walk on your path EMBODIED with more PRESENCE and with more EASE! 

I hold the space, bear witness and provide compassionate accountability for you to align with what is most true, set intentions and goals, and confidently manifest your dreams! My one-on-one sessions with my clients are held in-person at my Belchertown, MA office and online over Skype/Zoom/FaceTime.

What would living with EASE FEEL like for you?

What would living with CLARITY FEEL like for you?

What would living with LOVE FEEL like for you?

What would living with CHOICE FEEL like for you?

What would living with TRUTH FEEL like for you?

live the life you want

be the creator

Set your personality on receptivity and grace will happen.
— Didi Firman

Is Somatic Coaching The Right Fit For You?

My clients are women who are CURIOUS about how to (re)connect more deeply with their truest self and who are longing for a FELT SENSE experience of being in their bodies. They are starting to realize (or already have realized!) that the traditional way they have been living their life, is no longer working. They are wondering what all of this "nervous system" stuff is about. They are READY and motivated to make some changes. They may not be sure about how to get there, but are willing to put the time and effort into creating the space for SELF EXPLORATION.

They may have identified GOALS or DREAMS or SHIFTS they would like to make, or are just starting to pay attention to an inner knowing that things can be different. They are committed to examining what naturally surfaces and going deep when needed. These women are looking for guidance, tools, strategies, empathetic support, organization, accountability, and inspiration to help them on their journey.  

How Does It Work?

Contact me for a brief consultation to discuss how sessions might be a good fit for you. You may not know something concrete, but feel called to reach out. I invite you to follow your intuition and connect with me! I want to hear from you. 

Sessions are are conducted through Skype, Facetime, or Zoom or at my home office in Belchertown MA. We will create a personalize schedule of sessions to best meet your needs and match your desire for SELF EXPLORATION, ALIGNMENT and GROWTH.

tune in and awaken to your authentic self

Feel confident in and connected to what YOU want, how YOU want to live and how YOU want to feel.

Common Issues/Topics/Themes Explored in Sessions

Intelligence of Your Organism

Deeper Connection to Body

Letting Go of Other People’s STUFF

Rewire Habituated Patterning

Goal Setting and Manifesting

(Re)Discover, Explore and Step into a Closer Relationship with Self

Recognize the Importance of YOUR Needs  

Experience More EASE, JOY, PEACE, SERENITY, HOPE in Life

Live Embodied, Present and Aware

Navigate Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain

Boundary Setting

 Manage the Internal Perfectionist

Tune Into and Harness the Flow of Your Nervous System

Cultivate Self Trust

Recognize and Connect with Intuition

(Re)Establish/Maintain a Self Care Routine

Connect to Creativity

         Work with Negative Thinking and Self Doubts

      Get to Know Your Inner Critic and Wounded Child

What happens when we tune in and awaken to our authentic self?

  • We live more consciously

  • We live connected to purpose

  • We make choices from an embodied place of truth

  • We can separate out what is ours and what belongs to others

  • We start to intuitively know what we want

  • We fully and boldly embrace our unique self

  • We live more connected- to Mother Earth, to each other, to self, to spirit

  • We find more EASE, LOVE and FLOW in our life

  • We walk confidently in our TRUTH

To receive email updates and short writings please press the subscribe button at the bottom. I look forward to connecting soon. If you feel called to reach out and say hello, please follow your intuition! I would really like to hear from you. 

I would love for you to be a part of my community!

Sara Nia-101.jpg

A Little Bit About Sara:

Sara Vatore, M.Ed., BCC, SEP is a Board Certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Certified Nia® White Belt Instructor, MELT Method® Instructor and Peak Performance Coach. Sara holds space for women to deeply tune into and embody their inner wisdom and live life connected to their purpose and most authentic truth. She supports women to make choices from a place most aligned with CENTER/SELF, set and manifest goals, and learn how to function optimally without being overwhelmed, through understanding how their organism/body operates. Sara's understanding of the nervous system and the body, along with the wisdom she has learned on her own journey of awakening and living with chronic illness, provide a framework for her work with clients and Nia students. She is passionate about creating environments for women to come into an embodied relationship with what is organically trying to emerge within and guiding them to follow the pull towards wholeness. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband Jeff and is a proud mamma to two sons, Caleb and Allister, ages 14 and 6.

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