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Somatic Integration

Sara Vatore is Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Guide, Somatic Educator, Certified Nia White Belt Instructor and MELT Method instructor. Embodiment Specialist working with women to build capacity and resiliency in their nervous systems for optimum health and healing.  

Without learning to know ourselves as intimately as we possibly can, we limit our choice. Life is not very sweet without freedom of choice. Change is very difficult with no alternatives in sight.
— Moshe Feldenkrais

somatic integration sessions



A Somatic Integration Session gives you the SPACE to start to understand how your body/organism is communicating to you through working with your body sense, sensation and vibration. It is an opportunity to start to have a FELT SENSE experience of its natural cycles, its needs, its emotions, how it communicates with the mind and what the embodiment of safety feels like in your whole system.

This is a hands-on supported experience for you to deeply sense the wisdom and capacity of your body, in order to tap into the potential and possibility of your healing, growth and expansion.

Give your whole system the sacred space to process, digest, integrate, embody, release, complete, expand, heal in all realms


Your nervous system is the greatest pharmacist in the world.
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

intelligent organism

Why Does Our Body Hold On?

Safety and security are the underpinnings of resilience and are key in supporting the capacity for self-regulation.
— Kathy Kain and Steven Terrell

Our body is fundamentally designed to keep ourselves safe and supported. It works hard all the time out of our awareness to make sure we are protected, balanced and breathing. Our life styles, experiences and genetics mold and shape how we hold our bodies in the world.

Our body has automatic self protective programs that turn on (fight/flight/freeze) when the system feels like it is under any threat. A threat can be actual danger, a perception of danger or a memory of danger. ‘Danger’ can be a seriously dangerous situation or overall general fear (fear of making a mistake, of not being good enough, of being seen, of speaking up, etc).

Our emotions and feelings are also how our body responds to support and protect us. If we are shutting off our emotions, or ignoring or stuffing down something that is coming up, it stays in our body and tissues.

As mammals part of our design is to complete those protective programs once they are launched and fully experience an emotion or feeling. However, this often doesn’t get to happen. When a program is not able to be completed, it gets stuck in our system/body and in our tissues.

Once things get stuck and layered, our body compensates, to keep us going. These stacked emotions, and/or survival responses (our system pumps adrenaline and cortisol to gear up to protect us!) have a lot of charge and it significantly affects how our body feels. This can cause discomfort, dis-ease, and pain in the body, mind or spirit.

Good news!

The body WANTS to integrate experiences. It WANTS to come into organization.

There is a natural pendulation, a back and forth, that our body is designed to spiral through. When we get stuck in patterns from our childhood, an accident, trauma or upsetting experiences, it is difficult at first to help our system find safety and come back to equilibrium because our body can be addicted to the stress.

However, when given the space and the gentle orientation towards finding a new baseline for your body and experiencing safety in new ways, your organism will work to bring itself back into organization and create new patterns of ease and coherence in your body.

To know life is to have a direct impulse and expression- a felt sense experience within each and every pore. No thinking is required as direct perception is a broader field of experience to be felt through our bio-rich sensory system.
— Liz Koch


My work is rooted in the foundation the biological organism (the body) that we occupy is highly intelligent and when we can understand and experience how it communicates to us and how it co-regulates, the logistics of its unique design, then we can fully move into our own healing, growth, and expansion in a deeply connected and embodied way.

Synthesizing what I have learned from all of my teachers, my work in Somatic Experiencing, psychosynthesis, energy, the quantum field, and my own deep healing experiences with my organism, Somatic Integration Work is the space and time for you to truly experience your organism’s unique way of coming into coherence, so that you can continue to strengthen your own body’s capacity as you move forward on your journey.

Our body has a specific technology. It operates in a specific way. When we begin to learn and experience the secrets to it’s programming and co-regulation, we can then open the doorway to unlimited potential for change.

We want to have the agency to make different choices, heal our bodies, step into the next version of ourselves, without getting stuck or trapped in patterns of grief, shame, not good enough, pain, autopilot, discomfort.

Understanding your body and experiencing its’ innate capacity to return to organization, is the key to shifting your patterns on this planet!

From navigating every day stress, to working with autoimmune issues and pain, to working through traumas, to rewiring habituated patterns at the nervous system level, to embodying your higher self, Somatic Integration Work allows for a deeper somatic connection with the whole of who you are.

A Somatic Integration session is an opportunity to experience felt sense experience of safety in the whole body, coherence, space, freedom, gratitude and joy deep at the somatic (embodiment) level.

This is how we heal, grow and expand as a planet; one organism at a time.

In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.
— Bessel A. van der Kolk


Taking place either on a table in my office or outside on the land, a Somatic Integration Session helps you develop your ability to sense safety in your body/organism. You will expand your ability to sense your internal sensations, your ability to sense your body in space, and learn how to give your body the space, time and support to organically come into organization.

So much happens in a lifetime and does not get processed through our organism/body. Even on a day to day basis in our relationships, in our work, in the world with friends and communication, there are moments when we get triggered or stuff down an emotion, or we find ourselves navigating difficult, challenging or exciting experiences.

In this fast paced way of living many of us find ourselves in, our bodies just get stuck on auto-pilot and in movement patterns (we override our physical responses to what is going on around us), so we can keep doing, working and taking care of those in our lives.

As we live, our experiences, energies (our own and others’!), emotions, stack up and stay stuck in our physical systems undigested, unless we are providing the space and time for embodied processing. This can play out as pain, discomfort, repetitive patterns of behavior and thought, anxiety, depression, experiencing different big emotions/moods, trouble saying no and setting boundaries, feeling stuck/trapped, etc.

In order to live fully embodied and connected, these experiences, energies and emotions need the time and sacred space to fully integrate and process in our physical body.

The body doesn’t know the difference between an experience and a thought. You can literally change your biology, neuro-circuitry, chemistry, hormones and genes, simply by having an inner event.
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

innate capacity to heal

Health is synonymous with having options. The more options, the more possibilities exist.
— Liz Koch

Our bodies have an innate capacity to heal. There is an organic intelligence of our biological organism and it is always working towards synergy.

We need the time and the space in order for this healing to occur, whether we want to process some anger, an upsetting situation, injury, or a traumatic event.

We live in a culture that has a very limited view on healing. We are taught that the body is a fixed thing, when actually it is a living process! We are also conditioned to believe that only the outside authority (the medical community) holds all the answers. Go to the doctors, they are the experts, pop this pill, and feel better. Don’t feel better? Oh, loose some weight or let’s try this other pill! Still don’t feel better? Oh, sorry. You are going to have to manage with that.

We are conditioned to distrust our instincts and inner wisdom which is communicated to us through the body.

It is time to shift this paradigm and spiral inwards for more answers and to tap into our own healing power.

If we want to heal as a species and a planet, we need to be able to tune inside and understand and experience our own potentials. The human organism is an amazingly intricate unfolding process of potential and possibility.

Learn your system and unlock your own magic.

Is Somatic Integration Work The Right Fit For You?

My clients are women who are craving a deeper relationship with their bodies. Many have done a lot of their own personal exploration and feel like there is still a disconnect with their own embodiment or still feel stuck in patterns of thoughts, behavior and movement. They are interested in understanding how their unique system is communicating to them. They want full embodiment experiences of their essence and the safe space to tap into what that even feels like.

My clients are women who might be aware of their own trauma and upsetting events and desire the supported space to experience the intelligence of their own bodies to help them come into more organization. They are women who are not afraid of going deep and are wanting to integrate their emotions, experiences and patterns.

My clients are curious on how to strengthen their vessels, as they are unfolding and growing in the world. As they move forward in their own ascension process and connect to more light and/or larger emotions, they are looking for how to help their systems increase the capacity to hold their EXPANSION.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact me for a brief consultation to discuss how sessions might be a good fit for you. You may not know something concrete, but feel called to reach out. I invite you to follow your intuition and connect with me! I want to hear from you. 

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A Little Bit About Sara:

Sara Vatore, M.Ed., BCC, SEP is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Certified Nia White Belt Instructor, and MELT Method® Instructor. Sara’s Somatic Integration Work is rooted in the foundation that the organism that we occupy is highly intelligent and when we can understand how it communicates to us and operates, the logistics of its’ unique design, then we can fully move into our own healing, growth, and expansion in a deeply connected and embodied way. Sara strongly believes that everyone has the right to any and all information about how their organism is wired so that we can live with EASE, JOY and PLEASURE. As a species if we want to change and shift our patterns and behavior, we have to be able to help ourselves integrate our experiences at the physical and energetic levels. Sara holds space for women to learn their unique organism, so they can understand how to help their bodies digest, process and integrate experiences on their own as they step out into the world. Sara's understanding of the nervous system and the body, along with the wisdom she has learned on her own journey of awakening and living with chronic illness, provide a framework for her work with clients and students. She is passionate about creating environments for women to come into an embodied relationship with what is organically trying to emerge within and guiding them to follow the pull towards wholeness. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband Jeff and is a proud mamma to two sons, Caleb and Allister, ages 14 and 6.

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