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moving forward

Sara Vatore

This summer I listened more deeply to my self and spirit than I ever have before. Layers continue to shed as the sparkle of magic grows bright within, weaving more and more into my daily moments. I have new perceptions about time, about the universe, about living and about what is important to me and my service to the collective.

I have spent time immersing myself in my own cycles and thinking about what is most generative for me, my family, my relationships and my business.

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melt away stress and overwhelm with the melt method

Sara Vatore

The MELT Method® is a unique self-treatment approach that works by rebalancing your Nervous System and rehydrating your connective tissue, by using specialized soft rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Balls to simulate the results of manual therapy.

Read more to learn how MELT can help restore your body’s ability to metabolize stress.

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cycle within the cycle

Sara Vatore

The new lesson that I have been uncovering, is this idea of cycles within the cycle. These beautiful ways that each of us, each individual plant, person, animal, flower, etc are constantly in our own unique cyclical process, no matter what is going on around us. 

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nervous system regulation and health: why should I care? expand your capacity for life

Sara Vatore


Our body is not designed to keep going and pushing through. If we override the messages enough, we can get our body to keep going, but over time things break down.

We want our nervous system and body to be running as efficiently and effectively in order to be living a FULL life with EASE. 

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what is psychosynthesis?

Sara Vatore

Psychosynthesis is...
the doorway to freedom, peace and ease in life.
the key to understanding who we are as individuals.
the lens with which to see our self, others and the world.
the path of our own unique journey.
the framework to hold as we are in relationship with the collective and the universe.
the magic that makes the simple, utterly extraordinary.
the missing piece to BEING.

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rest in

Sara Vatore

Burning up the knots. The clenching, gripping, holding on

is letting go, unraveling.

Lean back

Rest into


A inner power embodied.



Connected deep from within

to a complicated internal landscape of sensation.

Curiosity and wonder release the need for control.

A sensing from this center

connects to a powerful grace

rooted and aligned throughout my being.

Drop in and listen.

Shhh, she whispered. It is going to be okay.

You are already there.

-Sara Vatore