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moving forward


moving forward

Sara Vatore


This summer I listened more deeply to my self and spirit than I ever have before. Layers continue to shed as the sparkle of magic grows bright within, weaving more and more into my daily moments. I have new perceptions about time, about the universe, about living and about what is important to me and my service to the collective.

I made a choice to stay off of social media this summer. This was a really good decision personally for my self and my nervous system. I settled in a way that I never have before and was able to tune in much more clearly to my own rhythms. 

I have spent time immersing myself in my own cycles and thinking about what is most generative for me, my family, my relationships and my business.

This leaves me holding questions as I move forward about how to run a business in this age that feels aligned and organic, get the word out and honor the divine timing of the feminine that is rising within me.

To post or not to post?

To create events or to not create events?

To advertise about sessions or allow word of mouth to continue?

To plan workshops/offerings out in advance or as I am called?

I am clearer than ever before that I am thirsty to create and serve from a deeply aligned place within that is directly connected to something greater than my self. Connected to that felt sense of internal flow, that nudges me forward, opening up the path in front of me with synchronicities, magic, ease and excitement.

The BELIEF is tangible. Trusting in the abundance of the universe and of Gaia, to support what is most generative for me and the collective.

I am committed to continue to follow the magic and feel into that which is a full body YES. To create from each moment as it unfolds.

There is no right way anymore to do any of this business stuff.

As I am called to serve and make offers, I will do so.

As I am called to post and be on social media for feeling connection with community, I will do so.

There are no rules.

Only to follow that which lights you up.

Boy, is there FREEDOM in that truth?!


Movement and Healing continue to light me up!

For my fall classes, I will be offering 2 weekly Nia classes:

Tuesdays at 7pm at Studio 116 in Amherst

Thursday at 9:15am at Simply Fit in Belchertown

For MELT and other embodiment workshop or classes, be on the look out for POP UPs! As I am called, and feeling aligned to share, I will be posting offerings. Click on EVENTS for more info.

My home office is now back in action for private Somatic Experiencing Healing Sessions, MELT private and small group sessions and more.

If you want to stay in the loop, please sign up to join my email list HERE.

If you are called to reach out and learn more now, please contact me HERE.

I see you and honor you on your path.