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what is psychosynthesis?


what is psychosynthesis?

Sara Vatore

Today is #WorldPsychosynthesisDay! I am so grateful for this orientation in my life. During my level 2 Psychosynthesis Coach Training last spring, we were asked to reflect on this question: What is Psychosynthesis? Here is my answer:

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is movement.
Creation of flow.
Movement towards wholeness,
towards a deep inner call of self.

Movement towards choice.
The choice to be the choreographer of
your life.
Allowing the unfolding movement in its natural rhythm.
Sense a gentle nudge and
notice the impulse to move toward...

Can you feel it?
There’s an open invitation to
with it.

Psychosynthesis is a lens.
To see my self.
To notice my Self.
To observe the universe for the
RAW beauty,
and mystery that it is.

Psychosynthesis is holding
the both/and.
Power in holding both-
Fear and Joy
Grief and Love
Peace and Agitation.

Psychosynthesis builds our capacity,
Expands our felt sense of “I”.
Our capacity to hold all there is.
Our capacity to experience the transpersonal
and dip our toes in the prepersonal.
Capacity to move through the personas and masks we wear and
invite in what we need
to be our self,
in this moment.

Psychosynthesis is awareness.
The awareness of BEING,
that we even have an “I”.

that I am not my thoughts.
Awareness of the self
and of the Self.

Awareness of the Will-
Strong, Skillful, Good.

Awareness of different parts of ourselves.
Awareness of where we put our
Inviting us to see the path.
Step in with awareness.

Psychosynthesis is the practice of presence.
How do you show up in life?
Strengthening the experience of self.
What has meaning?
What is my purpose?
What do I value in the world?

Psychosynthesis clears the way to
find the I,
to learn about the self,
to observe.
To invite in elements of all our
psychological functions.
To identify when those parts of ourselves,
take over,
so we can
disidentify to return to our

There is no need to fight against
the what is.
There is choice.

Psychosynthesis is
real choice.
Authentic choice.
Choice with options,
free of judgements.
A choice in every moment
to watch the small snake sunbathe, or
the clouds move in the sky.
To say yes.
And no.

There is no right,
no wrong.
Take away the ‘good’ and “bad”
And what’s left?
The what is.

Psychosynthesis is a framework
And a practice
A way of being
for coaches
for parents
for partners
for therapists
for educators
for politicians
for all humans...

Shifting perspective and the way we
ORIENT in the world.
Tools, experiences, education for growth.
Expand your consciousness,
strengthen your will and
connection to self.
Discover depth in
the living, the being, the experiencing.

Psychosynthesis is needed
in our world.
Cultivate more LOVE,
Connecting to self,
purpose, universe, and
other living beings
will move us all
towards a collective

Psychosynthesis is...
the doorway to freedom, peace and ease in life.
the key to understanding who we are as individuals.
the lens with which to see our self, others and the world.
the path of our own unique journey.
the framework to hold as we are in relationship with the collective and the universe.
the magic that makes the simple, utterly extraordinary.
the missing piece to BEING.