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creating space for you


creating space for you

Sara Vatore

In the busy of transitioning my 4 year old to a new preschool, seeing more clients than ever, working on some very exciting projects, and falling behind on others, the added 'dynamic' of the holidays is clearly starting to emerge into the mix. 

The NEW MOON energy this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to pause and create SPACE to think about how I want to step into the unfolding holiday weeks. 

To set some INTENTIONS.

I am noticing old habituated patterns of my relationship to food arriving once again. I am aware of that part. I see her. Eating One.

Another part of myself, one who is disgusted at Eating One has vocally joined the conversation. I am aware of that part. I see her. The Perfectionist. 

The dialogue can be loud at times. 

I have these parts and I am not these parts.

I have these thoughts and I am not these thoughts.

I have these emotions and I am not these emotions.

I DO have a choice. Over and over again. A choice in each moment.

My AWARENESS of these parts and this internal relationship provides the opportunity to make choices for how I want to respond or not, react, shift, reevaluate, change my mind, feel the emotion, listen to the voices or intentionally reconnect to the SPACE inside, my center, my self.

So when the parts are loud, what do I do?

I find that SPACE within. SPACE where there is observation (AWARENESS) and ability to take action (WILL), but there is no hooking into the content of what the parts are saying. 

Recently, many of my mentors and teachers have been in discussion about CREATING SPACE. The universe over and over has been signaling the same theme.

It has emerged in circles, in conversations with clients and in my own personal journey...whispers and calls to CREATE SPACE.

How, in all the busy and unfolding, does this happen? Where can I find the time?

SMALL MOMENTS. That is all it takes. Multiple small moments throughout the day. 

I have committed to a daily 5 minute embodied movement practice. 

Yup. Just 5 minutes and I have been enjoying each juicy second.

I start and end each of my coaching sessions, phone calls and meetings with 3 intentional cleansing breaths. Bringing myself back to embodied presence. Connection with the SPACE inside and the ENERGY around me. 

Yup, just three focused breaths.  

It is in these moments that I can find just a TASTE of my ESSENCE. My LIGHT. My CENTER. My SELF. 

The more moments I add, the greater the SPACE becomes for the LIGHT to fill.

How can you take one small step this week to create moments of intentional space for YOU as you step fully into navigating your holiday?

Create SPACE to connect with your LIGHT two times this holiday week. Join me tonight, Tuesday at 7pm at Studio 116 in Amherst and Friday at 9am at Simply Fit in Belchertown as we explore and connect with our relationship to SPACE. As we play with boundaries and the energy around our bodies, we will also focus on our felt-sense experience of SPACE inside. 

The more embodied experiences we have connected to this sense of self, the easier it is to find that SPACE when things are starting to overwhelm. 

Please join me for a deeper embodiment of your relationship with SPACE on Tuesday and Friday this week at a Nia class.