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cycle within the cycle


cycle within the cycle

Sara Vatore

Written June 26, 2018

Over the last few years I have been deeply reflecting on, studying and connecting with cycles. My own menstrual cycle, creativity cycle, moon cycle, and seasonal cycles have been (and continue to be) my greatest teachers. 

The new lesson that I have been uncovering, is this idea of cycles within the cycle. These beautiful ways that each of us, each individual plant, person, animal, flower, etc are constantly in our own unique cyclical process, no matter what is going on around us. 

Now this process might be supported by a larger cycle, like the seasons, however, we each find our own rhythm and own unfolding within this framework.

Just like a group of peonies on the same bush are each budding and blooming in their own timing, there is no "right way" to connect with our own cyclical nature! 

As I have been disidentifying from needing outside reinforcement (like my parents, husband or a mentor) to tell me that I am doing things "right," I realized that I was using the moon, seasons and how regular I was with my menstrual cycle as a gauge to see if I was "doing a good job" with life!

This past new moon, I found myself mildly irritated when it was "supposed" to be time for my menstrual cycle to begin and it wasn't coming. I could feel myself getting ready, however, my body was not quite there. There was a part of me that was really disappointed because "it's the new moon and I am supposed to get my period."

I was able to notice those thoughts and separate from them, however, it was an interesting feeling of "not doing it right" or "not being good enough" that is a very old and familiar story.

As soon as I let go and connected to what my body was asking (more water, more rest and more time) my own cycle continued to play out. The morning of the Solstice as I was connecting and celebrating this beautiful abundance of summer and cycle, my body breathed deeply and I began my own cycle.

This was such a good reminder for me that my body continues to be my wisest teacher and always has a plan. We just have to slow down enough to connect, give permission for the unfolding and be a witness to the magic.

We all have our own natural timing, even within the cycles that are unfolding around us. Come dance with me this week as we honor our natural timing of movement and music and explore the cycles within a Nia class experience.